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Spring Poem for Reflection

We invite you to take a quiet moment of reflection at the start of the brand new year.  Photo credit: Luann Miller (Cohort 4)

Opening Without Words

by Mark Nepo


It is the beginning of May
and over near the statue of Moses,
raising his staff to something
none of us can see, hundreds of tulips
have broken through the dark earth
becoming every color they held inside
and quietly they ignore each other
in this chorus of oneness, bobbing gently,
as children race up to their splashes
of yellow and red, expecting the colors
to sing, and maybe they do in a song
only children can hear, and old men
amble through the rows, hands behind
their backs, as if in some European church
about to crumble, and this old white-haired
woman, with sheer wonder on her face,
sneaks up on the pink ones, her silent mouth
a flower, and, for the moment, we are all
opening without words, and her dog,
a pink-nosed spaniel, drops its ball
and rolls on its back slowly, and
my lover jumps out of her shoes,
pulls me by my sun-warmed hand
into the middle of a yellow patch,
and buries her face in them
and then she rises, a color
breaking ground herself,
pollen on her nose. Quietly,
we are saved, again.

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