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What Our Katherine Harvey Fellows are Saying

Stephanie Ramirez Zarate

“The Katherine Harvey Fellows was a terrific experience to be a part of as a young professional in Santa Barbara. It allowed me to grow and develop new skills as a leader and most importantly, it opened my network to connect with other professionals doing great things for our community.”

Kristin Boehm

“Leading From Within has created a fantastic network of alumni, mentors, experts and facilitators, all of whom are focused on improving our community. It’s an easy decision to support an organization with such a great ripple effect!”

Jonathan Wang

“Through engagement with our community’s leaders, funders and non-profits, I learned how to better serve our beloved Santa Barbara County and look forward to a lifetime of meaningful philanthropy.”

Nadra Erhman

“I was able to take what I learned in the program and distill my interests down to organizations where I can have the greatest impact. I also took away from the program that the for-profit sector can use the altruistic aspects of the nonprofit sector, and nonprofit sector can benefit from the business practices of the for-profit sector. This is a direction I am actively pursing.”

Rebecca Thomas

“The resources made available to our group were outstanding, as they gave us a roadmap for the best path to determine what our values were and where we eventually choose to make an impact. Standing here now, close to the end of the process, I am now amazed at all we have accomplished. I am truly grateful for the opportunity I have had, coming from North County, to be immersed in this Santa Barbara tradition!”

Liam Murphy

“I count myself very fortunate to have learned from so many wonderful people in the community and in the Santa Barbara Foundation. I look forward to learning with those people for many decades to come.”

Timothy Morton-Smith

“The Katherine Harvey Fellows program has opened up a network of individuals with diverse backgrounds through the panelists, supporters and fellows, that will be invaluable to me in my future efforts to grow and strengthen the Santa Barbara community.”

Stephanie Logan

“KHF has deepened my desire and strengthened my commitment to serve our community and to continuously being learning. The outcome and final goal was important and necessary, but the process is what shaped me, what educated me, and what allowed me to leave each session wanting to delve deeper in community building.”

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