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The Leading From Within organization and network are experimenting with short-term offerings to address the needs of social sector leaders during this dynamic time of crisis and opportunity.

Leading From Within invites proposals that enable social leaders to:

  • Learn with and from their peers, and provide mutual support
  • Cultivate individual and organizational leadership practices
  • Engage in inquiry, exploration, and potential for joint action around social sector issues

Through a facilitated process, Leading From Within is seeking to support its leaders in providing peer offerings in collaboration. Based on what we learn, Leading From Within hopes to better serve our leaders, and powerfully activate our Leading From Within network.


LISTEN – Collecting the needs of the Leading From Within network and identifying potential
experimental offerings

EXPERIMENT – Selecting and implementing experimental offerings that serve the Leading From Within
network and seek to address what the network needs during this time

LEARN – Engaging in systematic reflection and sensemaking to identify learnings that
emerge from Leading From Within’s experimental action, including implications for future efforts

ADAPT – Implementing changes that result from learnings

What current need or wish for our social sector leaders/network would you like to see Leading From Within address?
You are invited to offer suggestions on our brief
Listen form.

Do you have an idea for a  gathering, workshop or other offering you would like to lead, co-lead or organize with Leading From Within?
Please propose your idea on the
Peer Offering Proposal form.

Contact Us, Let’s Collaborate

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