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Everyone has the capacity to be a future change maker. Katherine Harvey Fellows is an opportunity to gain the skills, confidence, and connections to create positive impact.

Regardless of where you are on your leadership journey, Katherine Harvey Fellows is for anyone with the desire to make a deeper impact within their community. We recognize it takes all types of caring community members to make change, from those who might not even identify themselves as a leader to those who want to apply their existing leadership skills to benefit society. 

For over 20 years, the Katherine Harvey Fellows program has invested in the development of 147 talented and motivated community leaders in Santa  Barbara County. Alumni become part of the dynamic, integrated network of social change makers strengthening our region. 

Program Overview

Katherine Harvey Fellows is an 12-month experiential leadership-development program consisting of the following components: 

Leading Self: Values Exploration
Fellows identify how to engage as leaders in their community in a way that is consistent with their values.

Leading with Others: Connection
Fellows build trusting relationships and engage in differences, which includes the experience of a mentorship.

Leading to Advance Community Well-being: Community Education & Experiential Learning
Fellows increase their understanding of issues facing Santa Barbara County and various ways to address them by exploring the complex community problem of child poverty.

Program Facilitators

This next cohort will be guided by two new facilitators, who will support participants in exploring what next path each person’s leadership journey might take.

Together, Ben and Brianna bring extensive and practical leadership experience in business, governments, politics, philanthropy, education and nonprofits. Both are locals of Santa Barbara County with deep knowledge about the issues and challenges we face as a community. They are also both Katherine Harvey Fellow alumni and have been active volunteers with Leading From Within for numerous years.

Program Outcomes

Katherine Harvey Fellows complete the 12-month program with the skills, connections, and confidence to effectively engage themselves as leaders.

This year’s program will focus a portion of the program and activities through the lens of child poverty as a relevant and local issue. The integration of a specific community need area into the program’s model for personal and professional development is meant to give participants the opportunity to gain more real-world, practical understanding of a complex social issue and how community leaders and organizations are working to address it. This experiential learning approach equips Fellows to combat complex community issues they care most about.

Impact Across Sectors

Katherine Harvey Fellows is the sole Leading From Within program that is specially designed for individuals working in the private and public sectors.

Private businesses have found the program especially valuable in helping create or expand corporate philanthropy, volunteer, and community engagement activities. Katherine Harvey Fellows empowers business employees to be leaders in these types of efforts – both internally at the company and also externally – helping them build a positive workplace culture and better represent their agency in the broader community.

Government agencies have benefited from the program by developing their capacity to engage with and represent the communities they serve. Through the program, government leaders are able to empower their employees to develop more meaningful relationships and align their work across sectors (private, public, and nonprofit).

Individuals involved in the nonprofit sector through philanthropy, grassroots efforts, and/or larger institutions (i.e. health and education), find this program as a powerful tool in helping them understand, connect with, and be influential in community issues and needs through their efforts in collaborations, fundraising and/or volunteer service. Individuals are able to gain working knowledge about the nonprofit sector and align efforts with philanthropy (individual and corporate) and government programs.

We are here to help.  If you have any questions or need assistance please feel free to email Rubi, our Interim Programs Manager.
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