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10 Years of Community

Let’s begin:  closing your eyes,  taking some breaths, allow your attention to settle on your breath, follow the gentle inhalations and exhalations as relax into yourself.  You may notice thoughts arise in your mind, simply notice them and let them go.
I invite you to look back at the on your experience in the CTL Retreats… those five initial retreats and any alum retreats you may have attended.
Take a moment to reflect on the core routines we practiced during our retreats:
  • The Touchstones….Which of the touchstones comes to mind?
  • The slowing down and connecting with others in small groups and over meals…
  • The time for aloneness, perhaps solitary walks in nature…
  • How did you experience the invitation for self-care?
  • And Clearness Committees, how did these move you?
  • And at the end of each retreat, the letters to self,  what was that like, the composing and then some weeks later….the receiving of your reflective words
  • Perhaps there are other routines or memories from your time on retreat that come to mind…. be with those now, let the feelings and sensations of these memories wash over you.
And now allowing yourself to let go of your memories of the retreats and take a moment to reflect on the entirety of your CTL experience.
  • How has your engagement with CTL changed you?
  • What have you let go of and what have you gained?
  • What have been the gifts and challenges of your CTL experience, and how have they influenced your relationship to yourself, your family, your work, and those your serve in your community.
  • As you contemplate the impact of CTL in your life, what matters now?
  • What stands out as significant about your experience?
I invite you to stay in silence for a few moment and let the images and memories move about you.
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