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COVID-19 RESOURCES Working from Home with Kids? Many of us are currently trying to balance working from home and taking care of the kids full time. Here are some tips to make this phase of life more manageable. Read more…

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Peace Literacy

COVID-19 RESOURCES The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation published a new three-part curriculum called "Navigating Crisis, Uncertainty, and Technology in a Global Pandemic." This series of three lessons is designed to help middle school teachers and parents address many of the…

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Prison Yoga SB

COVID-19 RESOURCES Virtual Yoga Sign Up | Join free yoga classes with Prison Yoga SB! Click the link above to enter your name and email address, and we'll send you a free link to join us for virtual yoga sessions…

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Mental Wellness Center

COVID-19 RESOURCES While the Mental Wellness Center Fellowship Club is currently closed, we are still continuing to serve lunch to our members and every day, we safely serve 100+ lunches. The Fellowship Club continues to offer social and emotional support to…

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