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Thank you to each participant and stakeholder of our Program Working Group for Leading From Within. We ask you to please review this page and the submit below your feedback to the LFW Programs Working Group Questions that together we created and continue to refine in this process. Once we receive your final input, the questions will be distributed to the indicated groups/individuals as they relate to Leading From Within’s structure and stakeholder groups.

Resources: May Meeting Notes _ Program Working Group

How, Why & Positioning

Our (Placeholder) Why: A more innovative and collaborative social sector, advancing the common good.

Our How:

Leading From Within invests in:

    •  leaders who know each other, trust each other, and are better able to work together to improve our communities
    • leaders of the social sector to make meaningful change within themselves, their organizations and their community. 

Specifically, We bring social sector leaders together to:

    • grow as individuals and improve their effectiveness as leaders,
    • sustain each other as peers to keep leading and learning, 
    • identify community challenges and think through how to address them, and
    • increase our leaders’ capacity to be collaborators for the common good.

Our broad and inclusive definition of leaders: people who drive and create change.

Our Where: 

Leading From Within fits within the world of lifelong learning, professional development and leadership communities/networks for current and aspiring Civic Leaders. Here are others we share this space with context:

    • SB Foundation’s Collaboration For Social Impact (Funding partner, some similar convenings) Key Contact: Gary Clark 
    • Municipal Leadership (City of SB LEAP, Goleta Leadership Academy, County of SB) 
    • Internal company Leadership Development Programs
    • Place-Based “chamber of commerce’ linked Leadership Programs (Leadership SLO, Santa Maria, etc) 
    • Leadership Santa Barbara County: Key Contact Lori La Riva
    • SB’s Nonprofit Resource Network (Web resources, weekly emails) Key Contact: Maile Schoonover, Dave Fortson
    • Partnership for Excellence Conferences & Foundation Roundtable Key Contact: Judy Hawkins, Joni Meisel 
    • The Nonprofit Council Key Contact: Alana Walzack
    • Cal Nonprofits (Association at Statewide scale, we are a member) Key Contact: Geoff Green, Marisela Morales
    • Membership-based Professional orgs. like the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)Key Contact: Molly Kemper
    • Center for Nonprofit Leadership at California Lutheran University Key Contact: Dena Jensen
    • Informal mentoring, person to person
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