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GEL membership is an investment in your leadership, your organization, and your career.  As a GEL applicant, you and your agency are responsible for the annual GEL membership fee. We encourage you to actively explore all your resource options to fund your participation in GEL.

 If you and your organization need additional support to make that commitment, here are two possible approaches.

Funder/Donor Support – Many GEL participants will supplement what their organization can pay with financial support from an outside funder/donor. Do you know a donor or sponsor who is passionate about leadership and investing in your potential; or perhaps a board ally who wants to leverage your leadership success for growing community impact? You can invite interested funders to learn more about GEL on our website and by attending an Information Session.

Scholarships – LFW expects to have a limited amount of scholarship funds available to help a diverse group of leaders and leaders from small budget organizations to participate in GEL. You are welcome to apply for an LFW scholarship, understanding due to limited funds it is quite possible you will not receive one.

Scholarship application deadline is June 26. Scholarship recipients will be notified by July 17.

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