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Everyone has the capacity to be a future change maker for the people and issues they care about.  Katherine Harvey Fellows is an opportunity to gain the skills, confidence, and connections to impact the people and issues most important to you.

Regardless of where you are on your leadership journey, Katherine Harvey Fellows is for anyone with the desire to make a deeper impact within their community. We recognize it takes all types of caring community members to make change, from those who might not even identify themselves as a leader to those who want to apply their existing leadership skills to benefit society. We encourage anyone with the desire and passion to expand their ability to impact the people and issues they care about to apply.

Celebrating its 20th year, the Katherine Harvey Fellows program invested in the development of 128 talented and motivated community leaders in Santa Barbara County. Fellows come from a variety of professional backgrounds and perspectives. Our commitment to each participant spans much more than the initial program and much deeper than a single leadership program. Alumni become part of the dynamic network of social change makers strengthening our region. Fellows focus on a variety of efforts that continue to grow in reach and cumulative impact for the benefit of Santa Barbara County.

Program Overview

Katherine Harvey Fellows is an 18-month experiential education program that includes four primary components:

Values Exploration

Philanthropy is an expression of one’s values. Through an exploration of personal and group values, Fellows:

  • Gain insight into what guides them in their own desire to be involved in their community
  • Identify how to be engaged in their community in a way that is consistent with their values
  • Better understand the role that having clear values plays in personal service and giving

Community Education

Through an introduction to a wide range of philanthropic topics, Fellows:

  • Increase their understanding of issues facing Santa Barbara County
  • Gain knowledge of various ways of addressing community issues (i.e. community service, philanthropy, social impact, advocacy, public/private sector collaboration)
  • Identify how to have more meaningful community involvement

Experiential Learning

Fellows work in small groups to explore a complex community problem. In the experiential process they:

  • Meet community leaders making a difference in their project focus area
  • Engage diverse perspectives, evolve one’s thinking, and nurture new ideas
  • Learn about various aspects of successful fundraising and engage in applying various aspects of this process


A diverse network based on trusted relationships is essential for successfully advancing the common good. Through the program, Fellows:

  • Learn together as a cohort from different professional and ethnic backgrounds
  • Are exposed to diverse leaders addressing community issues in a variety of ways
  • Build a personal relationship with a Mentor and Project Coach, both of whom are experienced community leaders

We are here to help.  If you have any questions or need assistance please feel free to email us or call 805-770-3232.

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