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“While our organization is certainly doubling down on electronic communication, I set boundaries to maximize my time outside and away from a screen. For my self-care, I limit my ‘information intake’ from national news to local emails, to honor that I have hit my limits of screen time and external information and challenge. Instead I work to set socially distanced outside meetings and connect with my yard and garden in a deep, refreshing and replenishing way.”

“In these challenging times, I found myself embracing some of my own challenges rather than trying to fight them. I tried experimenting with different ingredients, recipes, and surprisingly, it has been more enjoyable and satisfying than I had ever expected!”

“I got back to my outdoor running habit after the fitness centers closed back in March. I really enjoy my runs and the distraction-free time (almost meditative!) in our beautiful surroundings. Besides, while my run trails are thankfully pretty empty when I run, observing other runners / bikers / walkers also thoughtfully practicing recommended physical distancing as much as I do has also brought about more appreciation for others and a feeling of safety while exercising responsibly outdoors. All in all, I feel grateful to be able to do this.”

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