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“Over a period of six months, our cohort of sixteen talented leaders engaged in authentic dialogue, evaluated our leadership practices, and worked to understand our emotional intelligence. My peers became more than a pile of business cards to hide away until needed – our group was a
support system. We weren’t simply working on self-development, we working towards helping our peers achieve their own development. The facilitators guided and mentored us, but the program had turned each participant into a mentor and an educator for each other.”

LCI has benefited my leadership qualities as a manager at the Foodbank.  Relationships have been built with other leaders in our class in the county and they are truly an asset to our community…[The instructors] are pure gems and are true leaders in our community.

LCI provides a mindset of leadership development. It helps build quality of work and opportunity, and recognizes the importance for leaders to think of their team as potential leaders as well.

This program took my leadership abilities to the next level.  The year I spent with LCI has produced, above all, a confidence in not only what I am doing, but why I am doing it.  Having that confidence has opened the door for me to utilize the concepts and skills that I learned along the way. “Thank you” just isn’t adequate enough to convey my gratitude.

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