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Week Three

Dear Fellows –

Our May 15th retreat is just one week away! Timing is 12-5 p.m. on Tuesday, 5/15. Details on locations/etc. coming by week’s end.

A reminder – you will have two hours of the retreat (3-5 p.m.) to work with your project team. Please remind your project coaches – we hope they can join you from 3-5 p.m.. Take some time this week to think as a team about how you want to spend those two hours.

We hope you received some good feedback from last week’s life hack. You’ll use these insights in the workbook you will completing as part of the retreat.

This week, we want you to watch a “throwback” TEDTalk. This one is from 10+ ago… but its themes are timeless.

Please keep a notepad nearby when you watch the talk. Write down concepts that resonate with you. Take time this week to think about the talk and reflect on what you are “wired” to do.

It is my hope that these exercises are helping you frame this question through the lens of your values, talents and passions.

Spoiler alert… for those of you who don’t know Rick Warren, he’s a pastor and wrote the book “A Purpose Driven Life”. In Warren’s words, the topics in his TEDTalk are not “religious” issues but “human” issues.

We all come to our spirituality in different ways. Carrie and I both reviewed this TEDTalk and concur that the message transcends any concerns we have with our sensitivity to issues of faith.

So, please make the time to watch and reflect on this important topic. Our hope is that you bring a folder of reflections to our workshop.

Spending a few minutes on this each week will ensure you get the most out our time together on May 15th.

Have a great week and I can’t wait to be with you at the retreat!


WATCH: A Life of Purpose

Watch the Video (opens in a new window)


  1. What’s in your hand – what forms your identity, income and influence?
  2. How will you use your affluence and influence to make a difference?
  3. In what ways does leadership = stewardship?
  4. What does that mean for you? The beautiful question “what are you going to do with what you’ve been given?” is a real call to action.

Activity TBD

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