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Week One

Dear Fellows –

I’ve been reading a lot about positive psychology over the past few months. One quote that has really resonated with me is “if happiness is on the other side of success, you’ll never get there!”.

I hope each of you had a great conversation with the “experts” that joined you for coffee talk last week. One of the biggest joys of KHF for me is hearing from so many community members who share their philosophies and energy with us.

FOUR WEEKS from today, we’ll be meeting for our final retreat. Each week, I will send you a short e-mail with a micro-task to help you prepare for the retreat.

This week’s focus is David Brooks and his views on “eulogy values” versus “resume values”. I hope this article begins the process of focusing on your road after the Fellows – what will endure from our time together after your Launch Party in June?

Have a grateful week!

Jim (and “gratitude team”… my kids who stuffed/stamped the thank you cards you received at the meeting!)

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Questions here


Follow through on sending out 3 thank you cards this week to people in your life (could be mentors, other Fellows, family members, work colleagues, etc.)

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