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Thanks to the generosity of the Santa Barbara Foundation, this program is offered at no cost to selected Fellows.  To honor this investment in tomorrow’s community leaders, please take the following criteria into consideration when nominating candidates for Katherine Harvey Fellows.

  1. Reside and/or work in Santa Barbara County
  2. Age 25-45
  3. Demonstrated potential or current ability to make an impact in the Santa Barbara communities
  4. Intellectually curious
  5. Able to make a full commitment to all phases of the program, requiring the following time commitment:
    • One 2-hour meeting per month held during business hours, primarily in South Santa Barbara County
    • Two 4-hour meetings, one at the start and one during the grantee selection process (note: no monthly 2-hour meeting during these months)
    • Quarterly meetings with Mentor, an experienced community leader
    • Outside committee work (for research, selection and fundraising) during the second half of program
    • With the support and guidance from the instructors, organize and facilitate (in teams) one or two panel discussions
    • Take and write notes on a rotating basis
    • Optional opportunities for monthly networking coffee-type meetings
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