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Courage to Lead
is launching an eighth cohort of nonprofit executive leaders in October 2019 (and there will be one Introductory Retreat opportunity to experience Courage to Lead this coming July).  The primary way we meet our future participants is to ask our alumni and other friends in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors who know us well to make nominations.

Please consider nominating Executive Directors or other key social sector leaders who you would like to see be supported and nurtured in their professional and personal lives.  Consider who you’d like to see join the Courage to Lead community, and who would fit the kind of social sector leadership peer group we offer.  In addition, please consider nominating candidates that might help to expand the diversity of our next cohort (including ethnicity, gender, cross-boundary leaders from government or hybrid organizations).

We invite you to contact your nominees to let them know that you’ve recommended them for this opportunity.  If they want more information, please to refer them to our website at and/or put them in touch with Sarah Harris at or (805) 770-3232.  And we will contact them within the next couple months with information on how they can learn more if they have an interest.

Lastly, please know that there has been growing interest in Courage to Lead in recent years, and not all who apply can be accommodated.  Our primary selection objective is to cultivate a a generative and mutually supportive learning community of social sector leaders who can relate to each other as peers.  We also look for candidates who will add to many facets of diversity in the cohort.  Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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