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Who should apply

Is Leading for Community Impact the Program for You?

Leading for Community Impact is designed for nonprofit as well as other social sector professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to the wellbeing of northern Santa Barbara County communities and are interested in further developing their capacity for leadership. Participants must be employed (Board members in a staff role may apply) in the nonprofit or a social sector agency (Dept. of Social Services, school district, Housing Authority, etc) and have the support of their Board Chair or Executive Director and/or Senior Executive. 

 In terms of role, we welcome seasoned professional and rising stars with the high potential for future community leadership across the position spectrum (Executive Directors and/or directors & managers of program, development, operations, marketing).

The selection process is competitive, and not all applicants will be accepted.  Our selection criteria includes:

  • Commitment to Communities’ Wellbeing – Showing a commitment to Santa Maria, Lompoc and the surrounding community nonprofit / social sector, and a strong intention to make a career in the field
  • Proven Record or High Potential for Leadership  impact – Having a track record of community leadership and desire to grow, both personally and on an organizational level.
  • Ability to Apply Learning – Being in a position to directly apply the leadership and management concepts, tools and lessons learned
  • Support of Organizational Leadership – Having the support of the Board Chair or Executive Director to take the time to invest candidate’s leadership
  • Personal Commitment Learning – Having the strong desire to take advantage of this professional development opportunity through their full participation and investment in the network and projects.
  • Add to Diversity and Richness of Class – Helping us build a diverse cohort (including ethnicity, gender, job function, and organizational mission) and add to the richness of the Leading for Community Impact’s learning community

If you would like to explore your interest in the LCI program or have specific questions, please email us to request additional information.

Commitment, Fees and Dates

Your Commitment to the Leading for Community Impact Program

We ask that participants and their Board Chair or Executive Director be fully committed to the program, including:

  • Reviewing the dates of the program and promising to do everything possible to make sure the participant is available for those dates
  • Understanding that there will be approximately three hours of coursework between monthly sessions which might include meetings with people within in the organization or with community members, reading articles, or exploring the participant’s organization in greater depth within the context of the program

Program Fees

Thanks to the generosity of the Santa Barbara and Weingart Foundation and other donors, the cost to each participating organization is a fraction of the $5,000 per person cost of putting on the program.  Program fees depend on employer budget size:


< $1 million              $600

> $1 million             $1200

Program Dates

Program sessions run from November 2016 – October 2017.  All sessions run from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and will be held at the Santa Barbara Foundation – Santa Maria offices in downtown Santa Maria.  While lunch is provided, please be prepared to pay for parking.

Session Dates:
Orientation (1:30 – 5:00 pm)
November 16

Full Day Sessions (9:00 am -5:00pm)
December 14 | Session 1
January 11 | Session 2
February 8 | Session 3
March 8 | Session 4
April 12 | Session 5
May 10 | Session 6
June 7 | Session 7
July 12 | Session 8
August 9 | Session 9
September | skip
October 11 | Final Session 10


Applications for the 2017-18 cohort will be accepted starting in early September 2017.  If you want to receive notification of when registration opens, please email our Administrative Director Sarah Harris at

We are here to help.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us at 805-770-3232.

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