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Leading From Within invests in people who drive and create change in Santa Barbara County and beyond.

Through our leadership programs, ongoing alumni education, and impactful networks, we cultivate leaders who are renewed, prepared, connected, and collaborating for the greater good of all.

Our Team Norms:

We Are a Learning Organization

We try new things, make mistakes and learn and grow from these actions. We have a responsibility to our craft to be on our learning-edge.

We Step Up and Step Back

We encourage each other to step up, grow and take on new opportunities. We also step back in order to allow the space for others to do so. We are transparent in our expectations of others to step up or step back.

We Embrace Possibilities and Continue to Question

We have our eye on something bigger than one leader / one program. To achieve this, we have the freedom to speculate, wonder and explore. We think into possibility.

We Make Strategic Choices

We make strategic choices as an organization and as individuals. As an organization, we practice patience in the number of things we can do and the pace we can do them at to maintain productivity and creativity. Individually, we choice how we want to be in relation to the others on the team and what we want to practice.


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