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Executive Coach

A nonprofit executive turned coach and organizational culture consultant, Jenn supports individuals and teams navigating change, processing conflict, and narrowing the gap between personal values and business objectives. She is the founder of (Re) Engage Consulting, a coaching and consulting practice that exists to unlock the power of people. 

In addition to degrees in Psychology (undergraduate) and Ethical Leadership (graduate), credentials that shape her work include: Evolutionary Coaching Consultant for Barrett Values CentreIntegral Coach for New Ventures West (anticipated February 2021); Executive Graduate, for the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute  (Google); Certified Practitioner at Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Program Director, Trainer & Facilitator for The Center for Engaged Compassion; and, Curriculum Designer for the Charter for Compassion’s Education Institute.

Jenn works in the United States and abroad, with clients in nonprofit, government, education, tech, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and  hospitality contexts.  She makes her home in Los Alamos with her husband, daughter, and two rescue dogs.

Coaching Ethos + Approach 

Growth and development are limited when our lived experience is characterized by fear and judgement – either from external sources, or from the critic that resides within. Coaching helps create and hold spaces of non-judgement for clients, making it safe enough to venture  beyond familiar fears and judgements into the vibrant territory of personal discovery and capacity for change.  

Jenn’s approach endeavors to increase alignment between a client’s internal and external worlds, in service to their living a life of unique purpose in the world. She works with the client’s inner landscape of mindsets, capacities, limiting beliefs, and embodied qualities, as well as their outer world of skills, knowledge, the body, professional performance, relationships, and career trajectory.  A person’s fullness becomes more available to themselves and the world when these multiple facets are skillfully integrated. 

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