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At Leading From Within, we teach leaders about the importance of taking care – not only for the sake of their organizations, agencies, staff, and services – but more importantly for themselves. We must learn how to best meet our own needs before we are able to care for the needs of others.

Self-care is not a nice-to-have. It includes the ways we invest in our self and the presence we bring to every interaction – with our colleagues, our staffs, our children, our significant others, our friends, our lives.  Without proper self-care, our relationships are not as strong, the quality of our thinking isn’t as good, and we are more susceptible to getting sick.  We often find ourselves feeling the victim of our circumstances rather than the designer of our own lives. – Ken Saxon

On this page you will find some practices thought-out by our founder and Board Chair, Ken Saxon, on how to provide a little structure to your well-being.




More topics to come!

To begin with, there will be a total of four topics and videos of our Self-Care series. Stay tuned for more information.

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