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Thank you for submitting your application for the Leading for Community Impact 2018-19 program.

To complete your application, please submit the following documents:

  • Current Resume
  • Letter of Interest (review the list of questions to guide you)
  • Letter of Recommendation from a Board Chair, Executive Director, or Department Director

When you have the complete package, you can click HERE to upload your documents (pdf only).  If you would like to upload your documents later, please save the link to this page to return to.

Descriptions and details about required documents can be found below.

We must receive all documents to review your application, please make sure you submit the additional material by 5:00pm on January 17, 2018.

Thank you!  We are very excited about your application.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Sarah Harris if you have any questions.

Application Questions

Description of attachments required:

Current Resume:

  • A current resume including your civic and community volunteer activities.

(Please label this file with your last name, i.e. ApplicantName_Resume.)


Letter of Interest: Please write a letter of interest answering the following questions. 

  • Describe your current role in the organization or agency (managerial responsibilities, projects led, community engagement, reporting relationships, staff managing etc.)
  • Describe any volunteer or community leadership roles you’ve held in your community.
  • Why are you seeking this leadership development opportunity now? Please list any learning goals you would like to achieve through your participation in the program.
  • Please describe any leadership challenges you face currently in your staff or volunteer roles.
  • How will you, your organization and the broader community benefit from your participation in Leading for Community Impact?
  • Describe the future leadership contributions you hope to make in your organization and in the northern Santa Barbara County communities.
  • In what ways have you actively supported you professional development as a leader?
  • If this program meets all your expectations, in what ways will you as a leader have grown/changed/evolved upon graduation?

(Please label this file with your last name, i.e. ApplicantName_LOI)


Letter of Recommendation:

From your Executive Director, Board Chair or Supervising Manager. The letter should include:

  • How long and under what circumstances have you known the applicant?
  • Assess their leadership strengths, and share with us the areas you think could benefit from improvement and continued development.
  • Why do you think the candidate is ready at this time to invest in their leadership development therefore making them a good match for the Leading for Community Impact program?
  • What do you see as the candidate’s potential for greater leadership in your organization and the broader northern Santa Barbara County community?


(Please label this file with your last name, i.e. ApplicantName_Recommendation)


*Please note by submitting this letter the Board Chair, Executive Director or Supervising Manager acknowledges their full support of applicant to fulfill the stated program commitments.

Christa J. Roth

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