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    Thanks for reading the Ground Rules for establishing our learning community.  What else would you like to see added?

    Samantha Onnen

    I would like to add the ground rule that we all need to give grace when we walk into the room. We are coming to the group to learn and grow, sometimes those are messy and we need to let each other go through that process. By giving each other the grace to be at the point we are now and grace to grow we can do it without judgment.

    Briana Conway

    I want to be intentional in my participation, I want to use this opportunity to sit back and listen more, and commit to creating peaceful space to complete portal work so avoid cramming in readings and assignments last minute.

    Kristin Boehm

    I second what Samantha says, and also suggest “be authentic.” Authenticity in our interactions brings deeper connections with one another, and authenticity with ourselves will help us to learn and grow through this program.

    Daniel Parra Hensel

    Great suggestions thus far!

    I would like to add the following ground rule that I got from a book called “The Skilled Facilitator” by Rodger Schwarz.

    “Test Assumptions and Inferences”

    I little description from the book: When you assume something, you take for granted that it is true without verifying it. When you infer something, you draw a conclusion about what you do not know on the basis of things that you do know. If we simply can ask the question “Is it true”. This is asking a person if what we assumed or inferred is correct. This allows for the conversation in a group to be less polarized and people feel heard.

    Holly Gil

    I would like to add “Inquiry over advocacy” – listening to others with the conviction that they may have something to say that could actually change your thinking… not being so stuck in your own ideas and advocating for them but open to other ideas.

    Jim Morouse

    Thanks to everyone who has responded thus far!!! I’ll be sending a reminder about next week’s Kickoff Event tomorrow and encouraging the cohort to contribute to this discussion.

    One suggestion I have is having a POV about “technology usage” during our sessions – I would suggest we have a NO cell phone/laptop usage during sessions AND include at least one ten minute “e-break” during the sessions where folks can catch up on texts/calls/e-mails.

    KHF Test User

    Listening. Listening with hopeful intention to learn, grow, and give back to the converssation and discourse. True listening I believe is the most humble skill. It can be challenging to turn off our internal self-talk, defensiveness, and the reflex to interrupt or interject even if it is positive or affirming. Look forward to learning to grow in this skill.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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