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I have donated money to several organizations (for specific projects/programs) and have also taken part in fundraising.

I was part of PIQE and the program had funds already allocated to by the State. We did not have to “fund-raise” in order to support the program. I have found that speaking about a project/program that I am very passionate about to donors (without asking for funds) inspired them to want to donate. I was able to get the donors to relate to the cause without pressuring them to donate. I compare to a someone being more willing to buy a car from a dealer who does not pressure to buy a car than from another who is pushy and desperate to sell.

It was very different from my experience with the Police Foundation. The purpose of the organization was to specifically fund-raise for the families of police officers who have fallen in the line of duty. It was extremely easy to raise funds for this organization.

I was able to successfully raise money for these two organization by taking a “pathos” perspective.

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