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Holly Gil

Embrace the ambiguity! It’s not about you! I agree with it all, but fundraising in itself can become a full time job. It is so hard for small nonprofits to dedicate time to fundraising unless they actually invest in it and that takes $. Unfortunately it is difficult to raise $ for personnel. Most people want to give to a project or cause and see it go directly toward that not taking into account that it takes all the people to make it happen too… honestly, this has been a frustrating space for me. I have found the best and most supportive long term donors are those who believe in me and what I stand for more than an individual project although the projects are the easiest ways to raise funds. Also, the measurable outcomes can be tricky too. So often donors want to see that they have a large impact which can dictate how the funds are spent and change the direction of a project. I see this all the time in education…

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