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Skye Sander

Great videos, so thank you for sharing and getting this going.

One of the thoughts from the Seth Godin video which I liked and will try not to botch paraphrase was when he mentioned that great fundraising comes down to connecting the disconnected. It is achieved when you connect tribes of people that want to hear from each other, and you are at the center of it. Core to this is not only crafting the right message but also finding the right people to give the message to; an average pitch to average people won’t scale. The second video has great tips on crafting the right message: start with why; make it about the donor and recipient, not the organization; align your case with the donor’s case; give the donor a choice, you either help make a change or you do not; etc. But I am left with the following question: how do you find (or have you found) the right people to spend your time on?

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