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Courage to Lead Instructor & Executive Coach

Kim brings to her work attention to the inner life as the ground for authentic, courageous, and affirmative living; and a focus on building trustworthy relationships as core to creating and sustaining robust cultures.  Kim supports people in rediscovering their true, unique self and then supports them as they align with their purpose and passion, learning to live from a place of wholeness.

Her belief is that the coaching client has an inner teacher, an inner wisdom, and an ability to find the solution to their own challenges. Her role as coach is to create a safe, courageous, reflective space facilitating the Client in becoming more aware of their own thoughts and feelings on a topic through deep listening, honest, open questions, and reflecting back through articulating and clarifying patterns and connections.

She does this by:

  • Helping individuals to deepen self-awareness, discern gifts and limitations, and lead with integrity, courage and heart.
  • Working with individuals and teams to create and maintain relationship-centered organizational cultures.
  • Supporting individuals to recognize their own inner teacher, learning to make conscious decisions and take wise, meaningful risks.
  • Supporting individuals and teams as they tackle change and overcome challenges with improved creativity, inspiration, resiliency, and confidence.
  • Helping individuals set goals, design actions, and identify clear steps.

Kim has 25 years of experience as a coach and is ACC Certified with the International Coach Federation.   Her  coaching is informed by certification in conducting EQ in Action Profiles, practicing narrative coaching with Rewinding our Story, preparation and experience in the Circle of Trust  approach developed by Parker Palmer, Non-Violent Communication,  and the work of Brene Brown.   She incorporates creative modalities including awareness of natural systems and their metaphors in life, poetry, movement, music, art and ceremony as tools to clarify and set intentions.

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