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Katherine Harvey Fellows Instructor

Jenn is an organizational consultant committed to developing thriving individuals, teams and organizations.  With 15 years inside complex and often-entrenched organizations, she has experienced the impact of high functioning organizations and also worked in dysfunctional environments to help shape them into more effective and enjoyable places to work.

Her work is uniquely fueled by a commitment to bring compassion unapologetically into the workplace. As Program Director for the Center for Engaged Compassion, she led the development of a Certified Facilitator training program for those desiring to teach the Compassion Practice to others.  She also has been engaged in the Charter for Compassion and led successful efforts to establish Claremont Lincoln University as a Compassionate University. As both  participant and one of the first Certified Facilitators of the Compassion Practice, she brings a unique perspective and understanding of how compassion is formed, adapted, and applied in organizational contexts.

Jenn holds an M.A. in Ethical Leadership from Claremont Lincoln University and a B.A. in Psychology from Taylor University.  Though she works with clients nationwide, she and her husband live among the vineyards on the Central Coast of  California, in the sweet Santa Ynez valley.

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