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Santa Barbara Seasons Magazine Features Courage to Lead

Courage to Lead:
Taking Care of Those Who Take Care of Others

By Cherie Rae

In the noble work of nonprofits, saving the world — or a part of it — is always on the agenda. And at a time of massive government cutbacks affecting every aspect of society, more is demanded of nonprofits than ever before.

Whether the focus is on ending hunger or homelessness, advocating for diabetes or dyslexia or promoting conservation or communication, those who have the courage to lead in these efforts face never-ending challenges to meet unlimited demands for services that are in limited supply.

Enter Ken Saxon, founder of Courage to Lead, a structured program of renewal and leadership retreats for nonprofit executives. When  the successful Bay Area entrepreneur moved to Santa Barbara more than a dozen years ago, he served on the boards of several nonprofits. He soon became aware of the stark difference between how corporate and nonprofit sectors invest in talent.

The private sector acknowledges that a company cannot grow unless it invests in renewal and team-building. Nonprofits, in contrast,  typically invest  few resources in that direction. “Their professional development budget is little to none,” Saxon explains, “and it’s the first to be cut.”


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