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Ken Saxon on the Fire at Mount Calvary

Fire and the Courage to Lead

Center for Courage and Renewal
Words of Encouragement Newsletter
February, 2009

By Courage & Renewal Facilitator Ken Saxon

In the Courage & Renewal world, fire is a wonderfully positive metaphor.  There’s the fire of vocational calling, the fire of passion, and fire as the burning fuel that drives us out into the world with courage.  There’s fire’s warming capacity, or how fire allows the artist to soften the glass or harden the clay to make things of beauty.  And there’s fire as a catalyst for seed dispersal.

I initiated our Courage to Lead program to help tend or reignite the fire in the hearts of leaders of community-based organizations in Southern California, where I live.  Nonprofit leaders are the type of people who too often serve everyone else and neglect themselves.  New challenges constantly arise, and these leaders are expected to figure out what to do and to lead their organizations forward.  So many eyes are focused on them.


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