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Leading From Within has been experimenting with offering subsidized coaching in response to the needs of our network leaders. This offering includes fully subsidized one-hour initial leadership coaching sessions and up to two 30-minute follow ups. We are excited to announce that we are expanding this offering and opening up to our broader Leading From Within community at a subsidized rate.

What is Coaching?  

Coaching is a thought-provoking partnership and creative process with a skilled coach that inspires a leader to maximize their professional and personal potential. Please see this simple visual When To Use Coaching by Haas Coaching/Compasspoint.

These coaching sessions are being offered to support our network leaders to address immediate needs related to our current landscape and to support you as you lead your organization, peers, boards, and families through this time of change and disruption.  Your coach will partner with you and act as a sounding board regarding whatever priority challenges you share with them. The coaching is client centered and confidential, the client identifies and names the topics of focus. 

Coaching Participant Testimonials

“Leading From Within Coaching was such a good use of my time. It is not therapy, and it is not an answer to your problems; it is in between. It allowed me to use the coach as a soundboard for my ideas and dilemmas and I received meaningful, doable goals towards my success, in just three sessions.”

Lorraine Rowden Neenan

“Believe me, you need it. We all do. The game just got harder and in this time of transformation, we need someone on the sidelines.”

Ali Cortes

“I felt comfortable talking about where I did not feel confident in my leadership, and because my coach was such a good listener and experienced, she was able to provide advice and specific tools that helped me address these challenges.”

Sally Fairman

“I think folks have a hard time asking for help and guidance so its important to de-stigmatize coaching. I know it doesn’t sound as attractive but I have described coaching as a space to vent, to family or co-workers to help them understand how it works. In the process of coaching, venting is transformed to new ideas, solutions and insight, but most folks have a hard time believing a stranger can provide all of that.”

Gabriela Macias-Mota

“I found that working with an executive coach both outside of as well as during the COVID-19 pandemic extremely beneficial to my emotional well-being.”

Eryn Shugart

“My coach provided a space to talk through things and find some clarity, during a time when clarity felt impossible. She also provided practical tools to tackle challenges and take immediate action. Having a thought partner is such a gift any time, but especially during times like these. Thank you.”

Chelsea Pacino Duffy

“Working with Christa Roth has been such a gift during this challenging time. She helped bring clarity to situations I was struggling with, served as a strategic thought partner, and helped me navigate a pretty intense array of challenges while helping me to also consider self-care. I’m extremely grateful.”

Vanessa Bechtel

“I am finding it invaluable to take the time to learn to listen to myself in this new and very expansive and thoughtful way. I am surprised by what I am discovering – far more profound than I imagined. The coaching approach is focused on helping one “hear” oneself in a new way and to make unexpected connections between one’s inner and outer worlds. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to take a deeper look at how work, life and service in the world connect.”

Esther Feldman
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