Now Accepting Applications for our 2017 Courage to Lead Introductory Retreats

Who Should Apply?

Courage to Lead was created to nurture, renew and support senior executive leaders in nonprofits and other organizations and institutions serving the public good.  The program is ideal for Executive Directors / CEO’s.  We also welcome applications from people in other positions of broad senior leadership, such as leaders who deal with a high degree of relational complexity (i.e. engaging with staff, board, donors, partners, peer leaders, etc.).

Courage to Lead may be for you if….

  • You want to take your leadership to the next level and you’re game for the challenge of introspection toward self-growth and learning to better sustain your passion for your important work.
  • You are rethinking how you want to offer your leadership to the world, whether you are in a new position, in transition, or hoping to renew your sense of meaning and purpose.
  • You would appreciate learning with a community of diverse leaders from across the social sector to discuss the hard work of addressing challenging social issues.

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